how do your meal plans work?

Our meal packages provide food from Monday to Friday with Saturdays and Sundays left up to you. Remember to enjoy yourself but not to overindulge, moderation is key. Why not try cooking a healthy meal and having that week long craving as a special treat to keep you on-track.

Which plan is best for me?

This is all dependent on you and your goals. We have packages to suit almost everyone, our tailored packages include weight loss, health and maintenance and lean muscle gain. We also offer a range of nutritious plans that are affordable and convenient such as the KO1, Standard and TKO1. Vegan? The KO Vegan/plant-based package is best for you.

do you do vegan plans?

We have a range of vegan and plant based meals which you can get in the KO Vegan/plant-based package. However, currently we don’t specifically tailor this as package to weight loss or weight gain. But we can promise you that they’re packing health and nutrition.

how do you work out my calories?

That is a great question, we calculate your calorie requirements by determining your resting energy expenditure (using basal metabolic rate) and your Physical Activity Level to work out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). We then put you into a calorie deficit, maintenance or surplus dependent on your goal. 

are carbs bad?

The idea that carbohydrates are bad have left many people confused on their importance for health. Our meals contain starchy carbohydrates such as rice, couscous and other grains that are important source of energy especially for our brains and muscles.

is fat bad?

Not all fats are created equal, all our meals contain ‘good fats’ in the form of monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat which can help the heart and improve quality of life. We also limit the amount of saturated fat in our meals meaning you will never receive a meal from us that is high in saturated fat.

are your meals on myfitnesspal?

All our meals are available on MyFitnessPal by searching ‘KO Nutrition’ and the name of the meal. However, if you are following one of our tailored plans, we recommend that you utilise MyFitnessPal for tracking as online calorie calculators are not 100% accurate and will vary from one to another. 


do i qualify for free delivery?

We currently offer FREE delivery on Friday’s & Tuesday’s for Customers who’s delivery addresses fall within “L” Postcodes “L1 - L40” for all other Customers we offer collection points across the North West.


Our meals are freshly prepared and delivered to local collection points within hours of production. Our delivery days are Tuesdays and Fridays, giving you plenty of time to pick them up, get them home and start your KO Nutrition journey.

We deliver days 1 & 2 of your meal package (Monday & Tuesday) to your collection point on a Friday.

Days 3, 4 & 5 of your meal package (Wednesday , Thursday & Friday) are delivered to your collection point on a Tuesday.

We will send you an email notification with pick up instructions as soon as your meals have been delivered. We use specialised chilled packaging but please ensure you collect your meals within 24 Hours of delivery.


We usually find that customers choose their gym or workplace as there collection point. If you cannot find yours at our checkout then you can find the addresses of all our collection points HERE to find where is best for you.